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Strategic Marketing For Success In Retailing

RRP $256.99

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Very little of marketing theory and knowledge has made its way into retailing practice, but its value in making profitable and effective retailing decisions is unquestioned. Samli, drawing upon three decades of experience and recognition as an expert in marketing research, offers retailing professionals and those who aspire to retailing careers a foundation for understanding what marketing theory is and how it can be linked successfully and profitably to retailing practice. Not a simplified set of steps to take, his book forces retailing decision makers to think for themselves and to use sound reasoning in their judgments. With an extensive review of retailing research and emphasis on small retail decision-making processes, plus discussions of human resource development, information technology, control mechanisms, and the international aspects of retailing, this book will find a special place in the list of books that must be read, not only by retailing professionals and students, but also their colleagues who teach retailing. The planning and implementation of the strategic plan is dependent upon the identification of the retailer's target market, and then successfully catering to that market by using four key retailing mixes: goods and service mix, communication mix, pricing mix, and human resource mix. The retailing mixes are the controllables of retail management. Preparation of these mixes depends upon the knowledge, reasoning, availability of resources, and familiarity with the target markets.

A Nasdaq Market Simulation

RRP $341.99

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This pioneering book describes the applications of agent-based modeling to financial markets. It presents a new paradigm for finance, where markets are treated as complex systems whose behavior emerges as a result of interactions of market participants, market institutions, and market rules. This includes both a presentation of the conceptual model and its software implementation. It also summarises the result of the profound research on the successful practical application of this new approach to answer questions regarding the Nasdaq Stock Market's decimalization that was implemented in 2001. The book presents conceptual foundations for modeling markets as complex systems. It describes the agent-based model of the Nasdaq stock market, including strategies used by market-makers and investors, market participants interactions, and impacts of rules and regulations. It includes analyses of simulation behavior, comparison with the behaviors observed in the real-world markets (existence of fat tails, spread clustering, etc.), and predictions about possible outcomes of decimalization. A framework for calibrating the market behavior and individual market-makers strategies to historical data is also presented.

How To Work The Film & Tv Markets

RRP $350.00

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How to Work the Film & TV Markets by Heather Hale takes independent filmmakers, television and digital content creators on a virtual tour of the entertainment industry's trade shows - the circulatory system of the entire global media landscape. This book highlights the most significant annual events around the world, details a dossier of all the players that frequent them and examines all the elements that drive the market value and profitability of entertainment properties. In-the-trenches insights from our modern, real world marketplace are contextualized into immediately implementable practical advice. Make the most of your finite investments of funds, time and creative energy to optimize your odds for success not only within the mainstream, business-to-business circuit but learn how to select, apply and scale its most prudent, proven principals to complement the most promising disruptive strategies to drive your own Do-It-Yourself / Direct-to-the-Consuming-Crowd fundraising, distribution and promotional success.

Heather Hale demystifies these markets, making them less intimidating, less confusing and less overwhelming. She shows you how to navigate these events, making them far more accessible, productive - and fun! This creative guide offers:

  • An in-depth survey of the most significant film, TV and digital content trade shows around the world

  • An overview of the co-production market circuit that offers financing and development support to independent producers

  • An outline of the market-like festivals and key awards shows

  • A breakdown of who's who at all these events - and how to network with them

  • Hot Tips on how to prepare for, execute and follow up on these prime opportunities

  • Low budget key art samples and game plans

  • A social media speed tour with a wealth of audience engagement ideas

  • A comprehensive companion website to located featuring:

    • An up-to-date, hyperlinked, annual calendar and global map with all the market dates, locations and current info relevant to independents;

    • Current event reviews, interviews, project case studies

    • Downloadable real world examples of pitch packages, series bibles and investor presentations

Maker Projects For Kids Who Love Woodworking

RRP $17.95

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This amazing title instructs young readers on how to shape wooden objects based on their own, unique ideas. Kids will explore this exciting and popular field by learning a few basic techniques of woodworking and what tools to use, which they can then experiment with in safe and accessible projects. "Makers and Shakers" sidebars introduce kids to furniture makers and builders and to different styles in woodworking.

The Single Market Programme As A Stimulus To Change

RRP $24.99

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This 1994 book offers a comparison of British and German industries' reaction to the opportunities and threats offered by the single European market (SEM). It outlines the effect that the SEM was expected to have on the two countries and contrasts this with their actual progress based on published data and a detailed study of four industries. While the single European market has had an impact, many measures have had a far weaker effect than expected. The existence of other barriers not tackled by the SEM programme - weakened measures, poor implementation, global business trends and the recent recession - helps dominate the impact of the SEM. Nevertheless the SEM stands out as one of the striking influences on British and German industries for many years. Germany, with its geographical advantage and stronger manufacturing seems better placed to benefit, but the less regulated and often more flexible UK economy may have competitive advantages as the pressures increase.


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